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A lazy girl's guide to healthy yummy food ♡

I have never been a girl who liked doing sports. In fact, I have hated sports for my entire life although I have had swimming training for yearsss when I was younger. (what can I say... I was forced into doing it by my awesome parents. I hated every second of it but it was good for my health)

I however do enjoy eating healthy ♡ I think I'm blessed in the sense that I genuinely enjoy eating healthy food and the taste of it. I would go to a restaurant and order a salad not because it is healthy but because I genuinely like the taste of it. Don't get me wrong I definitely do not eat healthy food 24/7, but when I wake up in the morning there is nothing I enjoy more than a yummy cup of oatmeal. 

Here is what I do in the morning everyday and I eat the salad for lunch whenever I'm rushing somewhere or when I'm just lazy to the max:

Oatmeal with honey and banana slices 

1♡ Pour some microwave oatmeal into your cup - I usually get mine from Marks and Spencer or Quaker Oats - for Quaker Oats I usually just go with the original flavour but if you are not a fan of oatmeal you can get the golden syrup flavoured one ♡

2♡ Pour some milk into your oatmeal until the milk just covers all your oats - I like to use minimum milk as I like my oatmeal texture to be very thick. If you are not a fan of that just add more milk! ♡

3♡ Pop the cup into the microwave for 2.5-3 mins 

4♡ Serve with honey and banana slices and you are DONEEEE! ♡

See I told you this is amazing for girls who are lazy to the max like me!! :P

Homemade Caesar Salad ♡

1♡ I usually get my salad leaves from Sainsbury's - they usually have washed everything for you already and it is all ready to eat ♡

2♡ Mix your salad leaves with Caesar dressing :D I usually use the dressing by Pizza Express. If you want to be healthier just add less dressing ♡

3♡ Sprinkle some grated cheese and garlic bread crumbs on top and you are DONEEE ♡

This salad 'recipe' is even more brainless than the oatmeal one above - you don't even need a microwave :P Plus it's super yummy! 


  1. Oatmeal is the best! It looks so cute in a mug, I must try it that way haha

    1. You really should haha! <3 It is a lot easier to hold as well when it is in a mug :D xx



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