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A Celebratory Post - 100 Followers! ♡

I thought I would do a little post today to celebrate because when I woke up I was super duper shocked and excited to find out that I have reached 100 followers on bloglovin'!!!♡ I also happened to reach 1000 page views which I am so grateful and happy for :) I want to thank everyone who took the time out to read my blog and left sweet comments and liked my posts on bloglovin - It really makes my day to know that someone out there enjoyed my posts ♡♡♡ Interacting with you guys is seriously the best part about blogging and I have learnt so much from other bloggers doing the same things as I do!

On a side note, you might (or might not :P) have noticed something different about my blog - I have changed to a completely new template! ♡ While I loved my old template (which was one that I designed), I always found myself looking and searching for other pretty pre-made templates and when I came across this design I fell in love ♡ I hope that you guys like it too and don't find it a bit too much! <3 

Onto some bad news... My final exams are one month away and I am freaking out and feeling super unprepared. That being said, I probably will not be able to post as often as I would like to and this really upsets me as I literally JUST started my blog! :( However on a brighter note, I will be going back home right after my exams (Yayyy! I haven't been home since Christmas) and I will be able to do a lot more posts and also post photos that are better quality as I left my nice camera at home :) (All the photos on this blog so far were taken with my iPhone 5 - some of these photos' quality actually exceeded my expectations!) 

Anyway, thank you again for reading my blog and I cannot wait to do more posts (whenever I can!) ♡


  1. Congratulations! Good luck in your exams :)


  2. Congratulations! And I love the new design! Good luck with your exams

  3. Congratulations on 100 followers and 1000 page views!


  4. Congratulations!
    I only found your blog just now but will follow your blog from today on! ^^

  5. Congrats.. before you know you have 800!
    We have more followers on Bloglovin' than fb...
    Would you like to help us to build up our audiance, so we can prove to the people that don't know annything about bloggin' that we can do it?
    We totally follow back of course, just leave a message with wich name you did it.
    A LOT OF LOVE --> facebook.com/leopardandlipstick
    Leila & Esther



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