NEW YORK TRAVEL DIARY! ♡ Part 2 - Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Fifth Avenue, Crazy Milkshakes!

Welcome back to Part 2 of my NYC travel diary! <3 If you haven't read "Part 1 - Times Square, Empire State Building, Woodbury Common Outlet, Eataly" yet, head on over to that post where you can read about the first few days of our NYC trip :D And now continuing from Part 1...

Day 3
We started Day 3 with breakfast/ brunch in Midtown Manhattan ♡ We found a healthy breakfast/ brunch place called Gotan on Instagram and thought that their smoothie bowls look so nice and decided that we have to give this place a try <3 We were planning to visit Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty later on that day so we arrived pretty early in the morning and had a really satisfying breakfast :) Sharon and I got acai bowls while Sofie got a chia bowl and Melissa got a peanut butter and jelly sandwich :D They were all delicious and after we were done with our breakfasts - off to the Statue of Liberty we went! :)

To go to the Statue of Liberty, we pre-booked our tickets online, and then went to the pier at Battery Park where we had to go through security to get onto a ferry to Liberty Island and Ellis Island. It was a really hot day and the queue to go through immigration was pretty long. We queued for about 30 minutes before we could go through security but once we went through, we got onto the ferry and arrived at Liberty Island really quickly! ♡

It was my second time visiting Liberty Island and Ellis Island but it was Sharon and Melissa's first time <3 We snapped a lot of touristy pics with the Statue of Liberty, and walked around the Island for a while. You can also see the entire Manhattan from Liberty Island which is pretty incredible! :D

After taking a lot of pictures and walking around, we got back on the ferry, which took us to Ellis Island. Ellis Island is where the Ellis Island Immigration Museum is situated and the island was the busiest gateway to the US where millions of immigrants passed through up until WWII. We walked through the museum which was extremely intriguing. You get to see how immigrants passed through the inspection station on the island years and years ago to enter the US in hope of starting a new life and it was both sad and heartwarming to see their journeys.

The museum also taught us a lot about the Statue of Liberty - how it was a symbol of hope for many immigrants when they first arrived Ellis Island because the Statue was a sign that they were just one step away from starting their new life in the States where many of their families and friends were already waiting. I would highly recommend giving the Ellis Island Immigration Museum a visit if you are in NYC ♡

After spending the whole afternoon at Liberty Island and Ellis Island, we took the ferry back to Manhattan and decided to have dinner at one of the restaurants we had been dying to try ever since we heard about their crazy milkshakes.

At around 7pm, we arrived Black Tap in the Meatpacking District and joined the queue which had been forming way before we arrived. We were told immediately by the staff that it was going to be around a one and a half hour queue, and sure enough - we ended up waiting for 1 hour and 40 minutes before finally being let inside the restaurant (p.s. it was a Friday night so that was probably why we had to wait for so long - but I don't anticipate the queue to be any shorter during other weekdays!).

Long story short, we all agreed that the wait was worth it after these CRAZY milkshakes arrived and they actually tasted like candy/ chocolate heaven ♡ I have tried the crazy milkshakes at Cereal Killer Cafe in London before and these Black Tap milkshakes are BY FAR 10000 TIMES BETTER :O The milkshakes were not exactly cheap (they were around the $15 mark for each milkshake - but they were SO GOOD) and the four of us ended up finishing ALL THREE MILKSHAKES! ♡

As if the milkshakes were not enough, all four of us also ordered our own burger - which, you can probably guess at this point - it was just impossible for us to finish all our food! The burgers were still really good nonetheless, and the sweet potato fries were to die for - but as much as we wanted to finish everything - we couldn't :O That night, we were so full that we couldn't even think straight after our dinner lol ♡

Day 4
The next day, we woke up extra early as we had a Soul Cycle class booked for 8am in the morning at Soul Cycle Bryant Park. When we arrived in NYC the first day, we saw that there is a Soul Cycle studio just 4 minutes walk away from our hotel so we decided to sign up for a first-timer class as we have always wanted to give Soul Cycle a try while we are in the States <3 The class that we booked happened to be Hamilton-themed and it was awesome! :D I have developed a serious addiction for Hamilton the musical ever since then and would love to go back to NYC to watch it if I am ever lucky enough to get tickets to the show :D

The class was really good exercise (especially after our crazy food adventures) and we picked up some smoothies and juices at Juice Press for a quick replenishment afterwards :)

We then decided to head out to explore Central Park and Fifth Avenue for the rest of our day :D We arrived at the Harlem side of Central Park and went inside for a stroll. The weather was incredibly hot that day so we couldn't stay outdoors for long, but we did stay long enough to snap some nice pictures and enjoy the greenery which is so different from the rest of NYC :)

We got really hungry halfway through our walk and so we decided to go to the typical American diner place for comfort food - IHOP hahaha ♡ Having exercised in the morning kind of gave us the justification to eat whatever we wanted - so this happened:

Andddd the food was good! :P At that point, it was so unbearably hot outside that we decided to take an Uber to Fifth Avenue, and from there we continued our Central Park adventures <3

The contrast of the grass and greenery with the concrete jungle backdrop in Central Park is so undeniably "New York"! :D ♡

After our lovely Central Park stroll, we walked back to Fifth Avenue and started tackling shop after shop :P Bergdorf Goodman was having the most amazing sales for shoes when we were there (Louboutins on sale everywhere on their shoe floor :O) but at that point I was too broke from all my Woodbury Common Outlet and Sephora shopping to do any more damage hehe ♡

We walked past all the famous landmarks like the flagship Tiffany Store in Breakfast at Tiffany's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Rockefeller Centre etc. <3

Outfit Details:
Top from Zara
Shorts from ASOS
Chokers and Necklaces from ASOS

After a long day of walking around Central Park and Fifth Avenue, we decided to grab some lobster rolls for dinner, and then called it a day :D

I really hope you have enjoyed Part 2 of our NYC travel diary <3 Make sure to check back 2 days later for Part 3 where we explored Soho, Little Italy, the Brooklyn Bridge, 9/11 Memorial and Korea Town! <3


NEW YORK TRAVEL DIARY! ♡ Part 1 - Times Square, Empire State Building, Woodbury Common Outlet, Eataly ♡

I know this travel diary has been extremely overdue - but I am finally here with my NYC Travel Diary! ♡ I went to NYC with 3 of my best friends last month and stayed there for 7 days :) This travel diary will be spilt into 4 different parts just because there are way too many pictures and things I would like to share and they cannot possibly all fit into one single post :) You can look out for Part 2, 3 and 4 in the next few days - but here is Part 1! ♡

On a Wednesday afternoon, Melissa, Sofie, Sharon and I landed in JFK after a 6 and a half hours flight from London Heathrow and got out of the airport at around 4pm in the afternoon :) Our hotel was in Times Square and we quickly grabbed an Uber and made our way to Manhattan :D The Uber ride was longgggg, mainly due to a LOT of traffic (as expected) but when we finally got to Manhattan, we were so excited that we have finally arrived in NYC after having planned this trip for years! ♡

We stayed at a hotel called Hotel Shocard, which was right in the middle of Broadway and was in an extremely convenient spot :) I would recommend this hotel to anyone who wants a nice little boutique hotel to stay in in the middle of Manhattan! ♡ The hotel rooms weren't big, but they were definitely not bad for NYC standard :)

The first thing we did right after we got back to our hotel was get ready to go out for dinner because we were starving! We found a burger place called Black Iron Burger near our hotel and decided to go there for dinner :) The burgers were really good and the portion sizes were pretty big as well. We were not too hungry so we just ordered two burgers to share and a 'side' of fries (the fries were huge!). The food was really delicious and after we were done, we walked around the area and Bryant Park, and then headed to the Empire State Building! ♡

The queue to go up to the Empire State Building that night wasn't too bad at all (we also pre-booked our tickets which helped!) and in less than 20 minutes we went from ground floor all the way up to the Observation Deck on the 86th floor <3

New York at night is absolutely breathtaking ♡ I fell in love with this view a few years ago when I came to New York for the first time and I have been yearning to come back for this view ever since. I wasn't disappointed this time around at all <3 Seeing this night view made me feel so alive and it is honestly nothing like anything else I have seen in the world (I find this view even more spectacular than the night views in Hong Kong and London ♡ Although those views are amazing as well!)

After enjoying the NYC skyline on the Empire State Building, we were all pretty exhausted and jetlagged so we headed back to our hotel for some much needed rest! ♡

Day 2 ♡
We got off to an early start on the second day because this is the day we decided to visit the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets! We grabbed some quick breakfast at Pret a Manger in the morning, and then made our way to the Port Authority Bus Terminal which was just one block away from our hotel. We bought our bus tickets to the outlet at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, and off we went! The bus ride was only about 45 minutes long so we were at the outlet in no time :)

We all managed to find some really good discounts at the outlet and I was really satisfied with all my purchases! Some stores, like Kate Spade, were doing a LOT of discounts. Nearly everything in the Kate Spade outlet was 60% off with an additional 20% off everything! ♡

I ended up picking up some reallyyy cute accessories for myself and my family and friends as souvenirs because the discounts were just unbeatable! ♡

We also spent a considerable amount of time at Lululemon. The discounts there were not crazy but we did manage to find some really nice things :) All their clothing seemed to be about 30% off the US retail price, which is quite a lot cheaper than normal UK Lululemon prices :D I also picked up a pair of earphones from Bose because I lost my old ones. I got the Bose earphones for US$75 at the outlet which is great - especially since they no longer have Bose at the Bicester Village Outlet in the UK :(

When I got back to the hotel I snapped a quick picture of what I picked up at the outlet - the Bose earphones, goodies from Kate Spade, a workout top with an attached sports bra, a pair of leggings, as well as a plain sports bra (not shown in the pic) from Lululemon! <3

I also found these pretty sandals from Stuart Weitzman for sale at either Nordstrom or Saks Fifth Avenue (can't remember which store it was!) at the outlet. They were a bit of a splurge but I caved in ultimately since they are so cute and I thought I could definitely wear them all Summer round! ♡

After we finished shopping, we took the bus back to Manhattan and started exploring Times Square ♡

Times Square was packed full of tourists and we headed into Sephora to do some more retail therapy! I did a post all about my Sephora purchases here so head over to that post if you are curious what I bought! :P (p.s. I probably went a little tooo cray cray in Sephora).

Outfit details:
Sunglasses from Quay Australia
White cropped top from Zara
Denim shorts from ASOS
Cardigan from Marks and Spencer
Sandals from Stuart Weitzman (Yep! The pair that I bought at the outlet! :D)
Bag from Saint Laurent

After walking and shopping in Times Square for a while, we decided to head downtown to have dinner at Eataly! We took the subway to 23 Street and then made our way to Eataly :D

It was my first time going to Eataly and I loved it! Eataly is basically an Italian food market + restaurant + shopping place with tons of fresh seafood and fruits, Italian restaurants of all sorts (vegetarian, seafood, meat etc.), cheese and wine, dessert etc. We arrived at Eataly at 9pm at night but still had to wait for around 20 minutes for a table at one of their restaurants called Il Pesce, so we walked around the market for a bit before we were called back for our table :) ♡

When we finally sat down at Il Pesce, we decided to get a few plates to share so we could try everything :D We decided to go for the oysters, the flatbread with fried soft shell crab, the seared skate, as well as two plates of the egg pasta filled with maine lobster. Everything was absolutely delicious - especially the pasta with lobster! The bill came to around USD$35 per person in the end, which wasn't the cheapest but it was definitely worth it if you are looking for a nice meal <3

Oysters ♡

Flatbread with fried soft shell crab

Seared skate

Egg Pasta filled with Maine Lobster

That's it for Part 1 of my NYC Travel Diary but make sure to check back in a few days for Part 2 where I will share our Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Fifth Avenue and crazy milkshakes adventures! :D

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