Life Update - Law Exams 3.0, Summer Travel Plans, Graduation?! ♡

Hellooo guys! ♡ I know it has been a while since my last post and I have been wanting to do a life update for the longest time! Life lately has been absolutely INSANE because of my final year law exams. I am counting down the days until all of this will finally be over, but right now, I have two exams down, and two more to go. My life has literally been exactly the same for the past two months - wake up at 7am, go to the library, study until 10pm, go home and sleep, repeat the next day. As depressing as it sounds, I know in my heart that if I work hard enough, all my efforts will eventually pay off and I will graduate University this Summer with a law degree and the grades that I want ♡

I honestly have no idea how this is already my last year at Uni and that these are the last exams I will ever take as an undergraduate law student! As the years went by, I have learnt to study a little harder and smarter every year and right when I thought I have finally gotten a better hang of things - it is time for me to leave. It is so true when people say that your first year at university will go by relatively quickly, your second year will go by really fast and that your third year will go by even faster. I still remember exactly how I felt when I first moved to London to start University, and here I am, sitting on my bed as a third-year student, with only two more exams to go until all of this will be over.

However bittersweet this feels, I am just SO happy that in exactly one and a half week's time, I will never have to do another undergraduate law exam EVER again and that alone is a huge motivation for me to stay focused and study hard for now! If you have been reading my blog for a while, you might also notice that my travel diaries have been seriously lacking this year and that is because I have made the decision not to travel anywhere during term-time this year so I could focus on my schoolwork, which is definitely a change from my first and second year at Uni! Wanderlust has been killing me but I do have some exciting travel plans lined up for the Summer <3

As a matter of fact, in less than 5 weeks' time, I will be flying off with some of my besties to New York City for our graduation trip and will be staying there for one week - which is a massive dream come true! ♡ I have only been to New York once before when I was 16 years old and fell deeply in love with the City and have been DYING to go back ever since. The fact that I am going to NYC with my best girlfriends this Summer right after I finish my last undergraduate law exams ever is honestly everything I have ever dreamt of <3 I will definitely be doing NYC travel diaries and will take you guys along with us! ♡ On the same day I fly back to London from NYC, my best friend from Hong Kong is flying to London and will be staying with me for a week which I am again SO excited about since I haven't seen her since Christmas! :D We might also go to Paris for a day or two and I am sure we will have the best time ever <3

As if this isn't enough, on the same day my best friend from Hong Kong leaves to go back home, I am flying from London to Berlin and Copenhagen with my little brother to celebrate the end of his A Levels and Sixth Form life and the end of University for me! ♡ My little brother is a hugeeee Coldplay fan and really wanted to see the Coldplay concert in London this Summer but sadly he would still be having his A levels exams during that time. I know how much he wanted to go to the concert so I crazily suggested that we fly to Berlin for the Coldplay concert there after his exams and he gladly took up the offer! :P We thought it would be fun to make it a sibling trip so after staying in Berlin for a few days, we will be heading to Copenhagen for a few more days before flying back to London <3 The two of us have never actually travelled by ourselves before without our parents and I thought this would a brand new experience for us to make some memories of our own before my little brother head to Edinburgh for University in September this year :)

After we are back to London from Berlin and Copenhagen, my parents are flying from Hong Kong to London for my graduation - and that will be it! My life as an undergraduate law student will officially come to an end <3 I do have plans to stay in London for at least another year to do a postgraduate degree, but the fact that I am GRADUATING Uni itself is so surreal - I HONESTLY. CANNOT. BELIEVE it will be over so soon, especially since it feels just like yesterday I started Uni :( Right after graduation, I will be flying back to Hong Kong for a few weeks before flying back to London again, but by then - I will no longer be a Uni student, and will be, well - a GRADUATE - and that thought alone is prettyyyyy weird.

So - that's my not-so-short life update! ♡ If any of you are having exams or are graduating soon just like me, pleaseeee let me know your thoughts and your future plans! <3 For those who are having horrible, stressful exams right now - HANG IN THERE! YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT AND IT WILL ALL BE WORTH IT IN THE END! ♡♡♡ And congratulations in advance to the class of 2016!!!! <3 I will be back as soon as my horrifying exams are over and I seriously cannot wait for the day to come hehe! ♡


Girls' Day at Sushisamba London ♡ OOTDs ♡

Salt and Pepper Squid

Last week, one of my favourite girlies and bestie Sofie turned 21! This automatically called for an annual celebration with our other besties Melissa and Sharon (In fact - I did a post on Sofie's birthday celebration at the Sanderson Hotel last year here! ♡). This year, Melissa thoughtfully booked us a table at Sushisamba London for lunch and it turned out to be the perfect little celebration! ♡

The weather wasn't the nicest on that day, and it was raining pretty heavily the whole morning (the no-you-can't-just-pop-a-hoodie-over-your-head kind of rain). We got out of our Uber praying that we would all fit into a single umbrella (mind you Melissa and Sharon were wearing heels - I wasn't!) and took the express lift straight up to 38/F of the Heron Tower to Sushisamba :)

The birthday girl arrived right after us, and the waiter immediately started explaining all the items on the menu. It took us a while to figure out what we wanted to order, but once we decided what we wanted, the food came relatively quickly.

The first thing we had was the Salt and Pepper Squid (pictured above), which was probably one of the best dishes out of everything we had. The photo pretty much speaks for itself but it was truly delicious, and all the girls agreed! :)

Black Cod

The next thing that arrived was the Black Cod. I wasn't expecting it to arrive in sticks, but it tasted amazing! Pretty similar to Nobu standard in my opinion and I LOVED the peruvian corn served on the side ♡

Poussin teriyaki

We then had the Poussin teriyaki, which I thought was yummy but not jaw-droppingly good. If you are a big fan of chicken though you would definitely enjoy this dish!

Mushroom Tobanyaki

As a more filling main dish, we ordered the Mushroom Tobanyaki, which was Japanese mushrooms served with poached egg and garlic chips. As a vegetable dish, I found it to be not bad at all - plus it kept us pretty full :)

Tiger Maki Roll (left), Samba London Roll (right)

We decided to try out two of the samba rolls as well since they sounded really nice on the menu, and ultimately decided on the Samba London Roll as well as the Tiger Maki Roll. They were probably the most colourful sushi I have ever seen in my life and both were delicious ♡ I preferred the Tiger Maki Roll over the Samba London Roll since I am not a ginormous sashimi fan but I enjoyed both of them regardless :)

Sea Bass Tempura

Our last savoury dish was the Sea Bass Tempura which was another beautifully colourful dish! I have to say, however, that this is my least favourite dish out of all of them. I am not sure if this is because I am not a huge sea bass fan or if the dish was just a little bit too plain for my taste. Nonetheless, it was still a nice and light dish to end with since we were all pretty full at that point from all the previous dishes we had  :)


We definitely weren't hungry when we finished our savoury dishes, but we were not about to leave without having something sweet so getting desserts was a no-brainer hehe ♡

Passion Fruit Cake

The first dessert we got was the Passion Fruit Cake, which was just downright delicious. The cake was fluffy and the green tea and white chocolate ganache was to dieee for! ♡

Chocolate Banana Cake

And then the best dessert of the day came - Sushisamba's signature Chocolate Banana Cake with Happy Birthday written across the plate and a candle on top <3 We definitely have our waiter to thank for remembering that it was Sofie's birthday when we very briefly mentioned it in the beginning  ♡ We sang Happy Birthday to Sofie quickly (Well, at least I did. Sofie wasn't very fond of my singing and kind of blew out the candle halfway through when I was at the peak of the Happy Birthday chorus - but I'll let that go since it was her birthday muahaha). 

We dived into the cake straight away before the ice-cream melted and I had the best dessert I have had in a while <3 The cake was warm and gooey and paired with the ice-cream it was like heaven on earth *insert angel emoji* ♡ We were really full and satisfied by the end of the desserts and left the restaurant in a really good mood (despite the horrible weather!) ♡

Happy Birthday Sofie! ♡♡♡

All in all, we really enjoyed the meal and it was such a good location for celebrating special occasions :) I also feel that it is the perfect place to go in groups since you can taste and share so much of the food and really try everything out! I wasn't expecting much from the food since I thought Sushisamba was mainly for the city views but I would definitely go back just for the food <3 

♡ Le Squad: (from left to right) Me, Melissa, Sofie, and Sharon ♡

Outfit details:

On me ♡
Blazer: Zara (old) // Black T-shirt: Uniqlo // Pencil Skirt: Forever 21 // Boots: Dune // Bag: Chanel mini flap

On Melissa ♡
Coat: Zara (old) // Dress: Snidel (Japanese brand) // Shoes: Pull and Bear (similar) // Clutch: Chanel Boy Pouch

On Sofie ♡
Hair: Hershesons Braid Bar in Topshop // Dress: Boohoo (similar) // Bag: Dior Promenade Clutch

On Sharon ♡
Top: The Editor's Market (Singapore local) // Jeans: Topshop (similar) // Jacket: Zara (similar) // Heels: Aquazzura // Clutch: from a local shop in Copenhagen


Five Minutes Spring Makeup Routine! ♡

For the past few weeks, I have absolutely fallen in love with some new everyday Spring makeup staples. While some things never change (aka. my Maybelline Falsies Mascara and Nars Radiant Creamy Concealers), I have found some makeup products that work amazingly well for this time of the year and are super fast and perfect to use for my I-need-to-get-out-the-door-RIGHT-NOW makeup routine. ♡

Step 1 - Sunscreen: 
I have recently switched from my Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protection Cream SPF 50 which I have been using for years to the La Roche-Posay Uvidea XL Melt-in SPF 50 sunscreen. I much prefer this La Roche-Posay sunscreen in the Sping/ Summer because it is a lot less greasy/ oily than the Shiseido one I was used to, and this La Roche-Posay Uvidea XL sunscreen feels a lot lighter and doesn't make putting on sunscreen feel like a chore. I love that this sunscreen doesn't cause my makeup on top to "pile"/ rolls into balls (if you know what I mean :O) and it sits on top of my moisturiser really well. I have tried other La Roche-Posay sunscreens before and have never had much luck with them, but this one works unexpectedly well! The only downside for this product is that it is only available in Asia (I think) - but it is definitely worth searching for online! :)

Step 2 - Concealers: 
For my undereye (designer) bags - the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer  has always been my go-to. 
For the rest of my face - I don't use a foundation and like to spot-conceal instead. I usually mix two different shades of the NARS radiant creamy concealers together (Custard and Chantilly) but lately I have been lazy and have been reaching for my Maybelline Fit Me Concealer instead. It works really well and is definitely faster than mixing the two NARS shades together in the morning! ♡

Step 3 - Powder:
For setting my concealers, I use the Givenchy Prisme Libre in Mousseline Pastel, which is basically a colour correcting powder :) I very briefly mentioned this when I first ordered it and I have never stopped using it ever since. This is perfect for Spring/ Summer because it is so lightweight and silky, and is my favourite setting powder that I have ever used so far :)

Step 4 - Contour and Highlight (optional):
I don't do this every single day but I love contouring and highlighting my face just a little bit if I am in the mood to or if I have an extra minute :) The Rosie for Autograph Starstuck Contour and Highlight sticks work so well for my super rushed morning routine because they are so quick to use (thanks to their handy packaging) and are a dream to blend. Sometimes, I only reach for the highlight stick if my skin is looking a little dull and other times I go full on, adding the contour. Either way - they look super natural on the skin. ♡  

Step 5 - Brows:
After finishing my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz as well as two of my Japanese eyebrow pencils I got from Hong Kong, I was desperately trying to order another Brow Wiz online when I found my oldie but goodie Benefit Brow Zings, which I fell in love with again :) I love how defined my brows look when I use this product and the mini brushes inside the palette are super handy when I don't have time to reach for a separate brow brush. ♡

Step 6 - Eyeliner:
For the past few years, I have been using liquid liners for my upper waterline because I love how black liquid liners look; but recently - liquid liners have just not been my best friends. They smudge on my eyes like CRAZY (I never used to have this problem a year ago but now they literally make me look like a human raccoon after just a few hours of having the liquid liner on) and so I decided to go back to another oldie but goodie - the Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner in Black, and am soooo glad I did! My eyeliner doesn't smudge anymore and manages to stay in place for the whole day, which is just what I need :)

Step 7 - Mascara:
The Maybelline Waterproof Falsies Mascara is the number one mascara that I have been using and trusting for the past 4 years. It is pretty much the only mascara that holds my curls while still being really lightweight and giving me those super voluminous lashes. Plus it is cheap! I cannot ask for more :)

Step 8 - Tinted lip balm/ liquid lipstick!
I usually like going for red/ rosy lip shades in the darker months of the year but ever since Spring has arrived, I have been reaching for these two lippies more than anything! My go-to is definitely the Clinique Chubby Stick in Mighty Mimosa. It is moisturising enough for this time of the year, and I love the natural looking peachy/ pinky shade for everyday <3 As for days when I want a stronger lip, I absolutely love the Dior Addict Fluid Stick in 479 Magique - a bright pink/ coral that sets really beautifully and doesn't fade easily at all. ♡

And that completes my 5 minutes everyday Spring makeup routine! I hope you are all having a great week and enjoying the weather outside! ♡


Sick Day Food Guide ♡

Happy Monday lovelies! Well in my case - a not so happy Monday. I am currently stuck at home with some sort of a stomach bug. I was feeling feverish two days ago with a sore throat and a headache, and swiftly got an upset stomach as well which just sucks. Having an upset stomach basically means 99% of the food I usually eat is off-limits, and I am only allowed to eat bland food that will hopefully make the bug go away faster! 

Even though I am not exactly happy with my food choices at the moment, I thought I would do a food guide on what I eat when I am sick and what I ate today to hopefully help other people who might be going through the same thing as me, and to get some sick food recommendation from you guys as well :)

My sick day/ upset stomach food list:
♡ Oatmeal cooked with water with half a teaspoon of Manuka honey
♡ Plain toasts
♡ Congee/ white rice with boiled spinach and mushrooms
♡ Plain crackers
♡ Warm/ hot water
♡ Herbal tea - no caffeine
♡ Ginger tea

Breakfast/ Lunch:
Having oatmeal in the morning really worked to keep me full and did not upset my stomach further. If you don't mind eating plain oatmeal, that would definitely be the best option. I however really did not like how tasteless my oatmeal was and decided to add just a tiny bit of Manuka honey to my oatmeal. I have read that normal honey might not be the best thing for you while you are having a stomach bug, but Manuka honey works great as it has natural anti-bacterial properties which can fight infective bacteria. I was however still cautious with the amount of Manuka honey I used so I just used the tiniest amount and it definitely helped make my oatmeal a little tastier. 

Afternoon snack:
I got hungry in the middle of the afternoon and while I usually go for cereal with milk as my afternoon snack, anything that is cold and has dairy in it is completely off-limits right now. Instead, I opted for plain toasts with a cup of herbal tea. I know plain toasts sound - well,  really plain - but I ate them as soon as they popped out of my toaster and they were actually not that bad since they were super hot and crunchy :) Since those are really plain, I had a cup of herbal tea as well and went for the Pukka Night Time tea. I know this tea is meant for night time, but the fact that it is made of organic oat flower, lavender, limeflower and valerian tea just means it is perfect for those upset stomach days.

For dinner, I went with congee made from white rice as well as boiled spinach and mushrooms. I love the watery texture of the congee because it is so easy to digest and white rice is generally good for absorbing fluids. I am also staying away from anything that is raw and hard to digest and went with boiled spinach and mushrooms and ate them together with my congee. That helped me get some nutrients into my body (since I have only been having carbs for the entire day and have not been having any veggies) and they also made my congee a little more tasty ♡

My drinks throughout the day have been mainly hot/ warm water as well as a cup of herbal tea in the afternoon. After dinner, I decided to make some fresh ginger tea as well (since ginger is generally really good for the digestive system) by heating chunks of ginger over water until it comes to a boil. On other days, I would add some sort of sweetener to my ginger tea but for today, I just decided to make it without any added sugar. While the ginger tea doesn't taste as good as it does with sugar, it definitely helped ease my stomach bug and is a great at home remedy for sick days ♡

And that was basically what I ate/ my food guide for a sick day. I hope this helps, especially if you are dealing with a much-unwanted upset stomach! Please let me know if you have any other food suggestions that can help cure stomach aches, nausea, fever etc. ♡ And remember to stay healthy! :)


March State of the Union ♡


1) Sunny days that last until 7pm 
After all the dark winter days where the sun was literally non-existent for 99% of the time in London, seeing the sun still up and shining at 6:30pm seriously makes me feel some kind of way. It definitely makes studying a lot more bearable and totally lifts my mood up!

2) Fresh fruits from the fresh fruit stall 
I have only ever bought fruits and vegetables in London at supermarkets like Sainsburys and Tesco, even though there is a fresh fruit stall RIGHT outside the tube station near my uni (I kind of just whiz past it every time without taking a second glance). One day I was being super lazy and decided that I did not want to walk the extra 20 steps to Sainsburys from the station for my grocery shopping so I took a browse at the fresh fruits and veggies at the stall. They looked amazing and the prices were unbeatable (£1 for a box of huge strawberries SAY WHATTT :O). I ended up going home with apples, avocados and strawberries from the stall and raved about my £1 strawberries to my boyfriend all night (He didn't sound THAT impressed - BUT I WAS!). I kind of have this crazy logic that even if I buy a box of strawberries from the fruit stall every other day, it would still only cost me £15 per month LOL, which is less than my SourcedBox subscription - something to think about! ♡

3) Fragrances
After my Jo Malone hand massage, I have been in a complete fragrance-obsessed mode and am putting perfume on every single day (doesn't matter if I am just going to the grocery store - it doesn't even matter if I am just throwing out the trash, I got to have my perfume on haha). This totally reminds me of my sixth form days when I would put on Viva La Juicy religiously every single day :D For now, my everyday scent is Nectarine, Blossom & Honey from Jo Malone but I am still lusting after the Nasturtium & Clover scent even though it has already been 2 weeks since the hand massage. Plus I totally placed a sneaky order online for Pink Sugar by Aquolina! I honestly don't know what I am going to do with all these perfumes but I will figure that out haha ♡

4) Online Shopping
Speaking of placing orders online, I honestly don't see the point in buying beauty products and clothing in-store anymore because things are just so much cheaper online! I was in Boots the other day and was looking at an Estée Lauder face wash; even though I wanted to get the product then and there, I knew if I buy the same thing on FeelUnique I will get 15% off plus free shipping, so I just walked away and bought it on FeelUnique afterwards. As a student you get so many discounts online (like 10% off from Boots Online, 10% off House of Fraser etc.), and free shipping is super common nowadays and almost all the online stores I shop from offer them. That being said - BYE REAL LIFE STORES HELLO LE INTERNET ♡

5) Gym classes and eating healthy
Lately, I have finally gotten back on track with my exercising routine and have been going to the gym twice a week for classes (Yayyyy!). I basically do Pilates on Monday, and then a circuit training class on Tuesday. It feels great to go to the gym regularly again after months of slacking and I finally feel that I am getting some of my strength back! (Not that I had a lot of strength before LOL but I have definitely been extra weak HAHA). I am also back to eating healthy after snacking on too much junk food in between Valentine's Day and Easter, which is great since summer is just around the corner :)

Some of the healthy food I make at home ♡ Go to my Instagram for more healthy food updates!


1) Lazy days at home
As much as I would like to stay in bed at home all day, this just cannot happen anymore because I am only about one month away from my final exams (eeekkkkk...). Exams honestly suck (law exams suck even more). Since this is my last year at uni, the pressure is on. If getting good grades and graduating with a 2:1 Law degree means I have to stay at the library from 9am to 9pm every single day - let that be it.

2) Munching on junk food
Having Valentine's Day, my relatives visiting London, and the Easter holidays all falling between a month and a half can only mean one thing - Moi eating non-stop. I usually do not eat a lot of junk food at all but when my relatives visited me in London, they bought me a huge stack of crisp and candies and chocolates etc. for me to snack on when I am hungry. While that is super sweet of them, it has not been great for me health-wise. Now that I am kind of back on track with the fitness game, I am trying not to reach for the junk food as much. Out with the junk, in with the good! ♡

3) Bougie restaurants
Speaking of eating, my boyfriend and I have been having less urges to go to bougie restaurants these days. While we used to want to try every single new restaurant and go to fancy places for meals weekly, we just don't feel the need for that anymore; either because we realised food in bougie restaurants aren't that much better than normal food (I mean Nobu sushi isn't even that great) or that we have been going to fancy restaurants too often that they don't feel special anymore (we used to go to Hakkasan whenever we wanted Chinese food and would eat there twice a month - excessive is an understatement). We have however found so much joy in eating comfort food that is by no means fancy but totally fills our souls (hehe). I have been obsessed with a little café in High Street Kensington called The Muffin Man Tea Shop which serves the best scones EVER (£6.5 for scones and tea! ♡) and I definitely do not mind having a £5 burger from GBK on the weekends :D So bougie restaurants are out of the picture for now! We will definitely still visit a fancy place on a special occasion, but we just don't want it to be a day-to-day thing for us anymore :)  


Girly Day Out: Afternoon Tea at the Orangery, Amazing Jo Malone Hand Massage ♡

Last week, my friend Issie and I went out for a really girly and pampering day out ♡ It was just what we needed as our school term was finally coming to an end and we just wanted to spend a day catching up while enjoying the Spring weather in London :) We had a really packed full day which started with afternoon tea at the Orangery at Kensington Palace! Issie found this restaurant on Instagram and thought it would be the perfect location for us to enjoy the greenery while munching on cakes <3

We were so lucky that the weather was beautiful that day :) There weren't too many people around at Kensington Palace (probably since it was just past noon on Wednesday) and it was a perfect day for us to stroll around the beautiful park and enjoy the weather while we made our way to the Orangery, which is inside Kensington Palace ♡

The Orangery, Kensington Palace

After walking for around 7 minutes in the park, we finally found the Orangery! ♡ The interior was so pretty and far exceeded our expectations :) Since the weather was so nice that day, there was barely any artificial lighting inside the Orangery and the restaurant was really comfy yet elegant. We sat down, were served by a really lovely and sweet waiter, and ordered their Afternoon Tea Set for two as well as our tea <3

The food came, and we dived in! After tasting the sandwiches, the scones, as well as the desserts, both Issie and I agreed that we had nothing bad to say about this afternoon tea set. It was traditional, none of that quirky gastronomy fanciness, but it was just what we needed. The scones were nice, and so were the desserts! For the price that we paid (around £30 per person after service charge), the afternoon tea was definitely well worth it and a lot better priced than many other afternoon teas we had tried ♡

After we finished our afternoon tea, we made our way out of the Orangery, and took a bus straight to Harrods as I have booked hand massages at Jo Malone for the both of us as a yayyy-it's-the-end-of-term treat! ♡

We arrived Jo Malone and was lead to their hand massage bars <3 It was fairly quiet at Harrods that afternoon as well which was sooo nice and such a change to the usual jam-packed Harrods we were used to seeing on the weekends :) We were offered champagne by the lovely staff at Jo Malone (Ummm Yes Please! ♡) and our hand massages began!

The lovely sales assistant at Jo Malone (I am so sad that I didn't ask for her name because she was the SWEETEST SA ever and was so nice and accommodating throughout the whole massage!) started off with asking us which scents we usually go for from Jo Malone. Issie loves the English Pear & Freesia scent and has been using the cologne for the longest time, while I am a total Red Roses advocate ♡

The lovely SA then asked us to choose from a couple scents that she picked for us which she thought we would like based on our current favourites (as we were definitely looking to try something new <3) I literally loved all the scents she picked out but very naturally ended up choosing the sweetest scent out of them all - Nectarine, Blossom & Honey, as well as a slightly fresher scent from their new "The Herbs Garden" collection called Nasturtium & Clover which I absolutely adore ♡ 

Jo Malone is big on fragrance combining - the SA explained to us that she would start off the hand massage by using a hand and body wash as well as a body creme of the first scent, and then move on to spraying the other scent we chose on top so the fragrances can mix beautifully and create a unique scent which is tailored to our personal preferences <3

The entire hand massage experience was so relaxing and so much fun :) We chatted with the SA about everything - from Jo Malone to TV shows and uni, and were never once pressured into purchasing a single product. By the end of the massage, my arms smelt amazinggg and I could not stop sniffing them! ♡

Since I really liked how the fragrances smell on me, I decided to pick up one of the scents that was used on me during the massage. I would have LOVED to pick up both the colognes, but I managed to control myself and just picked up Nectarine, Blossom & Honey, since it is the sweeter scent out of the two and I feel that I can definitely wear it on its own and still get a similar effect ♡

The SA was also kind enough to give both Issie and I little samples of other scents we might like and even put the samples in tiny little Jo Malone bags (so adorable!). Needless to say, Issie and I had an amazing day out and I cannot wait to be back in both the Orangery and Jo Malone (extremely tempted to get the limited edition Nasturtium & Clover cologne before they sell out!) ♡


Welcome to my London home! Living Room Transformation ♡

Spring has officially arrived in London (well - kinda) and I am so excited that I have finally got the last pieces of my living room put together since moving in the past September :) When I first moved in, I was just about to start my final year at uni and really did not have the time to put together everything I wanted for my living room (I didn't have cushions for my sofa for the first 3 months!). Throughout the past few months, I have settled in nicely and was able to get a few more pieces I wanted for my living room gradually :) As of today, I am finally happy with how my living room looks and am really excited to share everything with you guys ♡

When I first moved in, the apartment was furniture-less but my parents and I were able to work together with a design company for the apartment building and found a whole set of furniture that would fit nicely and look really modern and chic for the apartment :) This was how the apartment looked when things were being moved in - an empty living room and an empty balcony.

And this is how the living room is looking now! 
We chose a grey sofa bed (super handy if my parents or my little brother/ other friends are visiting), a white and silver coffee table, sheer white curtains, and a silver floor standing lamp as the main furniture pieces for my living room. Since my apartment is all white, I tried to stick to a neutral colour scheme for all the main furniture pieces of my living room and I added in pops of colours with other decor pieces I can change more often :) 

One of the pops of colours I thought would look really nice in the living room is this huge orange and pink floor mat ♡ I love how it brightens the whole flat up and makes the flat more cheerful and colourful :) The painting I hung on top of the sofa is also one of my favourite pieces of the whole apartment. My parents and I found this oil painting while browsing in the market in Camden Town. I feel that the colour tones in the painting match those of my carpet nicely and especially love the gold foils incorporated into the painting ♡

Right beside my sofa, I have a small dining table with a few chairs for when guests visit; I also have a big silver mirror right on top of the dining table and chairs. I stuck with the neutral colour scheme for these as well, keeping everything mainly white and silver. 

Right opposite my sofa and coffee table, I have a TV stand which I won't mention here as you can see it in this post ♡ I change the decor on my TV stand from time to time depending on the occasion and season but the items I always have on my TV stand are - 1) my Printer, 2) my Wifi and 3) Lamps x2, but no TV for me haha! At least not for now :)

For my coffee table, I like keeping things as simple as possible and I don't really like the look of coffee table books since 1) they are so bulky, and 2) I would never read them and they are so impractical. I usually have the candle I am burning on my coffee table as well as my Bose Soundlink Mini Speaker (love it!) and that is all I need! ♡ 

I only recently got some new cushions for my sofa and I love how comfy they make my sofa feel and look <3 The two big fluffy grey cushions in the middle are from Primark. The furry grey heart-shaped cushion on the far right is from BHS, and the 3 remaining cushions are from a bed linen company in Hong Kong called Cherry. I also love having throws and blankets on my sofa because it can get a little chilly when I am sitting on the sofa at night plus they add to the cosy vibe of the sofa :) The lavender colour throw on the bottom and purple and white throw on top (similar) are both from BHS. I really like shopping at BHS for home and decor items because they do so many discounts and the quality of the items is not bad at all :) 

One final piece which I love about my sofa is this sheepskin mat which my mom got for me when she was on a trip in Vancouver <3 I absolutely love how soft this mat is and since it is a little too small to go on the floor, it has been on my sofa and it is the comfiest thing to sit on ever :D This is usually the corner I go to when I want to get really relaxed and watch a movie or a show at home ♡ It is sort of like my ultimate comfort/ super cosy place and I like it even more than my bed :P

And last but not least - the balcony! When I first moved into this place, my parents went on a major IKEA shopping trip with me and we got these 2 bamboo chairs as well as a little wooden stool to go with the chairs :) They fit in my balcony perfectly and I CANNOT wait until the weather is warm enough so I can wrap up in my throws and blankets and drink hot chocolate while watching a movie with the view of the O2 and the City behind me ♡

And that's my living room tour and transformation! If you are interested in seeing my workspace in this apartment, you can read about it here! :) I am thinking of making these "Welcome to my home!" posts into a series and show you guys my entire apartment in London hehe - would that be interesting to read? They are super fun to write! ♡ If you have any questions about any of the furniture/ decor piece, or anything else I mentioned in the post, feel free to ask me about them <3 I will be back soon with another lifestyle post (YAYYY). Until then, have a super awesome day! ♡

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