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When in Wien - Vienna Travel Diary Part 2 ♡

Welcome back to Part 2 of my Vienna travel diary! :D I am so sorry that this is a MUCH delayed post (life update post coming soonnn! ♡) but if you haven't read Part 1 yet - you can do so right here <3



When in Wien - Vienna Travel Diary Part 1 ♡

Helloooo everyone <3 I am back with another travel diary :) Lately, I have been taking advantage of every opportunity I get to travel and in late October last year, the bf and I decided to make a little visit to Vienna for a long weekend getaway ♡ Neither of us had been to Austria before and having played the classical violin since I was 5, Vienna is somewhere I have always wanted to visit <3


Scandinavian Adventures Part Two - 12 Hours in Sweden + Fine Dining in Copenhagen! ♡



Scandinavian Adventures Part One - Hello Copenhagen! ♡



Christmas In London ♡

When it comes to getting into the festive spirit, there are few things that beat a good Christmas market :) Before heading home to Hong Kong for the Holidays, I made it my mission to go to one of the Christmas markets in London since it has been an annual tradition of mine since living in the UK for the past 6 years <3

We decided to hit up the Christmas market in Southbank this year. It might not be the most glamorous and amazing Christmas market in the UK, but it is in the city centre, easy to reach, and it does the job to say the least :D

The first thing I noticed when I arrived was the delicious smell coming from all the food stalls. I was starving at that point and was automatically lured to the duck burgers right at the front of the market. 

And so we went for a cheddar cheese duck burger! 5 minutes and 10 bites later, it was all gone and have disappeared straight into our stomachs :P

We continued walking until we reached the Southbank Centre by the Thames, which was lit up with a thousand fairy lights <3

And we found more food (of course)! The market was packed given its size. We went for a German hotdog while trying to find some empty spaces to eat among the crowd. ♡

We then headed back to the other end of the market in search for some mulled wine and hot chocolate, passing by some carol singers along the way <3

With that came the end of our short and sweet Christmas market visit :) The view of the Thames was also pretty spectacular and Christmas was in the air! ♡

On that note, have a wonderful Christmas everyone! ♡ I hope you get to spend this special time of the year with all your loved ones and indulge in plenty of food hehe <3



Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide 2016 ♡

IT IS OFFICIALLY NEARLYYYY CHRISTMAS! <3 I am done with exams (YESSSS times a million times haha) and am currently back in Hong Kong reunited with my friends and family over here :D As much as I love the Holidays, buying gifts during the busy Christmas period can be a little stressful and so I thought it would be helpful for me to show you guys what I ended up getting my family and friends this Christmas - and hopefully give those of you who are still getting presents for your loved ones some last minute gift ideas :D


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